Thursday, April 12, 2012

update I guesss

So I'm home. I withdrew from school and shit.

Um I'm really just focusing on doing something positive in my life, and as I have no clue what I want other than my dream body, that's where all of my energy is going.

I'm in a much better mood, but not good enough to even want to think about my low points, so maybe I'll explain later, maybe I won't.

I'll post more later, and get myself updated on all of your guys lives. AND a big thank you to anyone who has commented on my last few posts, I love you all.

and I can't wait til summer <3


  1. <3 Take care, honey. I'm glad you're gonna focus on the positives. Keep us in check.

  2. Stay strong. Ahhh summer. Pool, beach, tanning, sleeping in, cruises, and yummy boys all tan and shirtless. We're ALL excited.