Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Being Proactive!

So I'm starting a 100 day challenge thing tomorrow. There's a tab for that. But umm me and my ana friend from home are doing it together. We decided to do the nail polish thing with it too, where you like paint one nail for every day you stay on your diet. We also decided that since we are (hopefully) already splitting this into 10 day intervals, we're going to try a new diet every ten days. I feel like this will really help me stay on track since I really don't have to be doing one thing for TOO long. Mind tricks man.

I'm thinking of doing something for every 10 days I stay on my work out plans, but idk what, or what my work out plans are even.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone out there has any diet suggestions to try? I'm looking for extreme low calorie ones, or ones that can easily be turned into low calorie. So far we have raw food only and a fruit fast, which are pretty similar...but we need ideas! Please help!

Have a skinny day everyone!

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  1. http://nudeandlace.tumblr.com/diets

    ^super low-cal diets

    good luck with your 100 day challenge! it sounds like a good plan, and you have your ana support system, which rocks. It'll get you looking extra thin for bikini season :)

    lots of love,