Tuesday, January 24, 2012

feeling better...

well not physically, I swear to god one of my lymph nodes is the size of a ....tangerine?? idk it hurts really badly and I have a fever. But whatevs, my outlook on life is looking up.

I guess I should have known transitioning back to school was gonna be tough. I knew there would be hard classes, bitchy people, bad decisions and just bad nights all together. I can do this though, and it's only the third week of classes, that's plenty of time to turn things around.

Okay so Friday night I had a super bad night, idk what was wrong with me. I went out, but I wasn't even drunk, and I just started crying about like everything, I'm not sure what set it off really. I think part of it was that I was out with my friend, Jay. She's like one of my best friends ever but she's been doing things that are really pissing me off. Like on Wednesday night we went out together and I ended up getting really drunk and like begging to go home, but instead she made me stay at the fraternity we were at, in this guys bed. He was being nice and saying I could sleep in his bed and he'd sleep on the couch, and then Jay is like Oh no, you can sleep in your bed with her, I'll just go in this other room, I don't want to be a cockblock, I mean, I don't care if you guys hook up or anything. WTF?? I was seriously getting so dizzy from people playing guitar that I was throwing up...why THE FUCK would I want to hook up with anyone???? It's like she was offering me up for sex, and that was not the first time I've felt like she's done that.

So on Saturday I started drinking in the dorms with my friend, Kay. I learned that not all dormies are super weird. But still most are. So we got DEEERUNK and went out to this huge dance party where I was seriously dancing like an insane person for at least 4 hours. I love dance parties!

AND when I got home at like 5 am this guy I had hooked up with last week FINALLY texted me. I say finally because we kinda made this deal to be friends with benefits, and then we hooked up, and then I didn't hear from him again. It's a long weird story but I think it's gonna work out lol

Anyway, I've pretty much stayed caught up in all of my classes except for calc, and I have my first test in there tonight so wish me luck!! I'll try to get caught up on everyones blogs...sorry I haven't been commenting and posting lately!! That will change I promise!!!


  1. Yay Taurus!!! :) hope you feel better love and that your lymph node returns to a normal size? Dance party sounds epic so extremely jealous. Too bad ill be living at home throughout college so I cant come home at 5am drunk and under 21 :P but seriously sounds like a fun weekend!

  2. good luck on the FWB deal! he sounds adorable.
    and and your friend is a BITCH to be hooking u up if you're not cool with it. UGH.

  3. UGH sickness is the worst! Your giant lymph nodes sound like strep to me, soooo you MIGHT want to get checked out (if you havent already)- I had strep last year... and it started with a cold, then my LN on the left side grew to about the size of a tennis ball for like 3 days (but I still felt fine) then it all went downhill from there. UGH
    I hope you feel better so soon though!
    Jay kinda sucks, no offense, but I'm glad that the guy was really cool and such, there's nothing worse than a guy being all handsy while you're DYING.
    Dance party sounds way fun!
    And GOODLUCK on your test! <3 xox

  4. I agree, sounds like strep, or some type of infection. Your lymph nodes are there to collect the infection in your body to help avoid the infection from entering your blood stream. Take it easy for a few days.