Sunday, December 18, 2011


So the past 2 days I haven't been eating much at all, like maybe 200 cals a day, which contributed to me being 161.2 this 7 pounds loss in 2 days. Which makes me soooo happy!! But then I was kinda forced to eat dinner today (pork, mashed potatoes and carrots) and also this giant ass cookie. soo idk how many calories that is. For sure less than how many I need a day but I'm still worried I'm gonna gain weight.

My parents also sprung on me that we're going to my aunts house on friday and saturday and my grandma's on sunday and then a whole day car ride home on monday....which is like 10 days I'm not gonna be able to get away with not eating much. I'm gonna be careful about what I eat, but I doubt I'll be able to get too much under 1000 a day. And since I'm trying to lose as much weight as possible before I got to school I'm planning on fasting or mostly fasting until friday and then again after monday.

I NEED TO BE UNDER 150 at the most by the time I go back to school. I would love to be even smaller. Like 140...I would be enthralled by my awesomeness.


  1. ohmygosh WOW!!! thats crazy! 7lbs in 2 days!!! SUPER motivating!!! I am SOO ready to continue my fast now hehe^_^ Idk about u but one thing thats helped me w/ avoiding being forced into eating too much is the vegetarian excuse. If u rly want to u can always say "oh Im going vegetarian for a week or a month" or whatever u want. Say its part of this challenge ur entering idk lol. or if ur willing just say u love animals too much (in my case a total lie)& want to go veg full time. OR u cud just burn off the excess calories...1/2 hr of running=350 calories!!! either case, gud luck on the fasting, congrats on the weight loss & stay strong<3 & thanx for the comment btw:)

  2. Haley that's great! Congratulations! Keep at it hard and I'm sure that you can get down to at least 150 before you go back! Goodluck love<3

  3. I wish I could lose some weight over Xmas break....time to start working harder. Thanks for the motovation lovely!! :)